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Here we are with a crazy flying Lion in one of the unique flying games.Play as Ultimate Flying Lion and dominate the forest world as a real Lion.This is a Lion game that never happen before in flying animal games, so get ready for the lot of entertainment . You just tab the button of the screen to fly the lion and help him fly to the jungle and take revenge from wild animals.Start to fly lion under your command for lot of realistic environment and Soar through the sky test your flying and commanding skills.In a fantasy world get hours of fun adventures with the flying lion wild simulator.

Do you love flight games? Do you love flying dog or animal games? This game is great for you. You can test your helicopter or airplane pilot skills! Fly your ultimate lion around the amazing world.Live the life of jungle king. Explore the carefully designed huge 3D jungle environment and strive to survive in the wilderness.Experience the fantasy events of a flying Lion's life. Mark your territory to hunt animals in forest and fly with your beautiful wings. Build your own pride and fight with intruders to protect the Pride Lands.Evolve your Lion's abilities to make him the real king of the jungle.Flying Animals: Wild Flight Simulator is made for all fans of animal games, free simulation games, free simulator games and Airplane or Helicopter Flight games

Ultimate Flying Lion Adventure Simulator with Beautiful graphics, epic music and addicting game play. It's fun for all ages because of new concept in market. Test your flying skill with smooth flight and kill 10+ African animals in jungle and amazing islands.Realistic flight physics , free to play and offline play .Get Ready For A Brand New Series Of Animal Life Simulation Games

Multiple types of attacks including Bite, Claw and Pounce attack. Flying Power Attacks for instant kills.

Simple & Easy touch based controls to control the Flying Lion and to perform different activities.

Fight and beat other Lions to survive. Grow your pride to dominate the wilderness and to defeat mighty & vicious animals like Elephants, Hyenas,bear ,stag ,Deer and Rhinos .

Choose from 3 different flying lions with your favorite color

Experience new flying animals game with latest Ultimate Flying Lion Adventure 3D -Wild Simulator and live the life of a Real Flying Lion.Your Feedback and ratings are valuable for us.



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